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1.0.3 - 16.12.2020

Added user guide on how to use .analytics via the frontend of the cloud platform.

1.0.2 - 07.12.2020

All updates and changes to analytics functions and component models for analytics v1.3.0. (See release notes for more information).

1.0.1 - 16.11.20

Update of controls sections.

The products section was extended with the following sections:

  • Control signal flow
  • Safety features
  • Communication protocol
  • Component and controller data models

The engineers page was extended with the following sections

  • Reliability and robust control
  • Temperature Spread Regulator
  • Weather predictive controller
  • Supervisory Model Predictive Control

1.0.0 - 14.09.2020

Relaunch of the new and redesigned documentation portal.

Last update: 2021-01-06