aedifion .io versioning 1.0.0 - 2020-03-30

Edge device hardware




Aluminum special profile

Dimensions (WxHxD)

150x52,27x105 mm


0,86 kg


Operating temperature: PowerBox 100x: 0 °C to +45°C

Storage temperature: -40°C to +80°C

Relative humidity: 10% to 95%, non condensing


Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad Core 2,0 GHz


2x Gigabit LAN RJ-45


64 GB


4 GB

Display port



Wall mount, opt. side board, VESA or DIN rail mounting kits

Multi logger software

  • Bridging function for non-internet-accessible IP networks

  • Routing via second network card

  • Communication

    • Unidirectional communication from customer network to platforms

    • Exclusive use of standard ports of the protocols HTTPS, MQTT, SSH and NTP

    • No firewall opening required for incoming communication

  • Vendor-neutral, local data-ingress of IP-based networks

    • BACnet (including plug-and-play BACnet auto-discovery)

    • Modbus (after transmission of corresponding register lists)

    • OPC UA / DA (after transmission of corresponding access data)

    • KNX

    • Locally hosted APIs of various vendors

  • Dynamic temporal resolution of BACnet data ingress

    • Different types supported, e.g. polling, subscription etc.

    • Depending on the response times of the BACnet devices, unrestricted functionality is ensured with optimum data resolution

    • Adjustable data resolution in case of ingress from further sources (limited by sources' communication capacities)

  • Data buffering in local time series databases (up to multiple months)

  • Data Egress via MQTT

    • To the platform

    • other platforms

  • Data supplementation from local intermediate storage in the event of a loss of connectivity to the platform

  • Compatibility with the extensive writing functionality of

    • Support of the openly documented Simple Writing Operation Protocol (SWOP) according to aedifion online documentation

    • Storage of received schedules and continued operation even in case of a loss of connectivity to the platform

  • Mounting options

    • Control cabinet / top hat rail mounting

    • Stand-Alone

  • Power supply

    • Power supply unit 230VAC included

    • Alternatively possible via DC

  • Security

    • Complete end-to-end encryption of network traffic to the platform

    • Specified minimum complexity of password protection

    • Remote maintenance and system maintenance by contractor

    • Updates by contractor

    • Completely unidirectional communication, no responsiveness from outside the firewall (commissioning and maintenance connectivity is established via reverse SSH by Edge-Device)

  • Loaned and fully managed operation by aedifion

  • Edge device management via RESTful APIs

    • Customer access possible on request

    • Status, restart, publisher management and more available...

  • aedifion edge device frontend

    • Status of device and automation protocol, datapoint scanning, etc.


  • Data ingress

    • Connection of aedifion Edge Devices if commissioned

    • MQTT-API for customer stream-ingress

    • HTTP API for CSV upload of historical data

    • Integration of webbased APIs of other manufacturers

  • Data storage

    • Setup and use of high-performance time series databases

    • Redundant storage

    • At least weekly and full backups with external backup

  • Data Egress

    • MQTT API for streaming egress

    • Restful HTTP API for accessing historical data

      • Raw data retrieval

      • Adjustable time periods, possibility of batchwise retrieval

      • Free resampling option for reducing the amount of data over longer periods of time with linear interpolation or step interpolation (zero order hold)

    • Excel plug-in for (multi-)data retrieval including interpolation options and direct plotting

    • Matlab code examples for data retrieval

    • Python client for data retrieval

    • Curl code examples for data retrieval

  • application programming interface (Restful HTTP API)

    • Includes all platform functionality listed here

    • Comprehensive and publicly documented

    • Selected guides and tutorials

  • User and role management

    • Possibility to create multiple users

    • Individual user access

    • Role-based rights management and role aggregation

    • Possibility of assigning roles to users

  • Data management

    • Tags: Save/deposit additional information (meta data) on datapoints or devices

    • Favorites: Possibility to mark favorite data points

    • Renaming: Possibility to create multiple data point keys/plant identification keys. Use of a uniform addressing standards possible.

  • Write functionality

    • Location, terminal and platform independent

    • Openly documented and available write APIs

    • Writing of Setpoints

    • Simulating of BACnet data points of the type "Analog Input" and "Digital Input

    • Storage of schedules and management of stored schedules

    • Setting up writeable data points in

    • Defining the desired write limits (upper and lower limits) for each data point

  • Alarming

    • Possibility to realize alarms based on different alarm concepts on data points

    • Especially threshold and throughput alarms

  • IT security and privacy

    • Server environments according to current valid certificates.

    • Any access (physical, data-driven) at any time in compliance with the current EU general data protection regulation

  • Comprehensive online documentation

  • Virtual datapoints

    • Implementation and ongoing calculation of virtual data points

    • Output of results in time series

  • Timeseries classification

    • Supplementing time series with metadata on artificial intelligence (AI).

    • Use of neural networks

    • Use of a predefined class system

    • Deposit of AI meta data as data point tags

    • Periodic, at least monthly execution


  • Human machine interface (HMI) between user and API

  • Application of DIN EN ISO 9241-11

  • Flat UX design, tablet compatibility

  • Runs on common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

  • Search and filter functions for any data records

  • Line, multi-line and heatmap visualization

  • User and project management

  • Possibility of Setting Setpoints

  • Possibility of Setting Schedules

  • Analytics view*

*available if .analytics is licensed


  • Various visualization options (line graphs, histograms, gauges, heat maps, augmented pictures, and many more)

  • Freely adaptable and expandable

  • Sharing of dashboards

  • Deposit of slideshows (e.g. for promotion displays)

  • Customer self-administration

Alarm dashboard

  • High-level alarm management

  • Alarm categorization, tracking, prioritization, plotting, and forwarding capabilities

  • Customer self-administration service level

Standard service included in small, medium and premium

  • Clarification and configuration of IP settings

  • Boxing and shipping of edge device

  • (Customer-sided installation of edge device)

  • Remote commissioning of multi logger software

  • Set up of platform features according to purchased package

  • Provision of set up documentation, including

    • list of integrated data points

    • user accounts

  • Set up of set point management (medium - up to 100 datapoints, premium - up to 500 datapoints)