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Welcome to the official documentation portal of the aedifion GmbH. This site offers technical documentation for all of aedifion's products in the form of functional overviews, detailed technical specifications, as well as hands-on programming tutorials.


The documentation is structured into the following chapters:

  • Home: Find general information such as this welcoming section, a glossary and contact information as well contributing guidelines and a changelog here.
  • Products: This chapter presents aedifion's product portfolio:,, aedifion.controls and Start here if you are looking for detailed product information.
  • Developers: This chapter of the docs provides software developers with specifications and tutorials for our different APIs. Start here if you are developing applications against the platform.
  • User: This chapter of the docs provides user with specifications and tutorials for engineers who work with our platform and products.
  • Admins: System integrators and IT admins that are integrating aedifion's products into their sites find useful information in this chapter.

Top-level chapters are accessed through the navigation bar on the top of the page. Each chapter has potential subchapters and each (sub)chapter holds multiple articles that are accessed using the left-side navigation. Each article is structured into sections and subsections that are accessed using the right-side navigation.

A search box is pinned to the top pane that provides fulltext search on the complete docs.

Each (sub)section has a permalink that can be used to reference any section in the docs.

Target audience

This documentation targets users and administrators of the platform as well as on developers and engineers who work with and build their applications on the platform and products. It informs these target groups about the basic concepts and principles of the platform itself and about its services, aedifion.controls, and

Further source of information

Our main website is the best way to get to know our company and products.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium to keep up with the most recent news.

Explore our open-source projects on Github and Gitlab.

Last update: 2022-09-23
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