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Edge Device

This page summarizes how to gather shipping information to order an aedifion Edge Device and how to install it on site.


The aedifion Edge Device is an industrial PC which covers functionality such as being an automation network gateway (therefore it has two ethernet ports) and providing computing power for those aedifion services, which are sensitive to internet connection losses.

For plug and play installation of the device, aedifion preconfigures its network interfaces before shipping it to you. Therefore please provide the required shipping information.

About firewall security: Only outgoing connections from the device to the aedifion servers are needed. Set the firewall settings to these minimum requirements to enable the aedifion services.

The installation guide provides the necessary information on how to wire the aedifion Edge Device. Basically, first connect the ethernet cables to the right ports, then plug in power.

For any support, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Before shipping, aedifion's staff needs to set some preconfigurations to account for seamless plug-and-play plant integration. This section describes the information we need.

Please provide the name of a contact person and a postal address that aedifion can ship the Edge Device to.

To preconfigure the Edge Device, please provide information about the settings of the network(s) the device will be connected to. The following flow chart helps you determine that information.

Figure 1: Flow chart to determine required network information


Imagine the following setup:

  • NewCo's headquarters ordered an aedifion Edge Device.
  • The automation network in the headquarters is separated from all other networks, especially those with internet access.
  • There is a local network, LocalNet, that has internet access and a DHCP server.
  • The automation network, AutoNet, has no DHCP server running.

The following information is needed to preconfigure the aedifion Edge Device:

  • The automation network does not have internet access and the aedifion Edge Device will be used as a gateway between the AutoNet and LocalNet.
  • AutoNet does not have DHCP and the settings for a static IP for the Edge Device are:
    • IP:
    • Netmask:
    • Gateway:
  • LocalNet runs a DHCP and the aedifion Edge Device should obtain its IP address and further settings automatically.

Firewall settings

Minimum firewall requirements

  • Outgoing connections on the following ports need to be allowed:
    • Port 443 (HTTPS):,,,
    • Port 22 (SSH):,
    • Port 8884 (MQTT over TLS):,
    • Port 123 (NTP to Ubuntu standard timeservers - not necessary if NTP servers are locally available) -Outgoing connections can be limited from the Edge Device to the mentioned server addresses.

Operating the Edge Device only requires outgoing connections! It does not run any kind of service that exposes your network to the Internet. Thus, any incoming connection requests can be blocked by your firewall.

Contact us in case of firewall compliance issues.

Installation guide

Figure 2: aedifion's Edge Device

To install your aedifion Edge Device, please execute the installation in the order of the flow chart:

Figure 3: Installation workflow

Trouble shooting

Restarting the aedifion Edge Device solved 99 % of the issues which occurred during installation in the past.

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