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Introduction is the cloud-platform tailored to monitor, optimize, and control buildings. It unites building automation, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems, energy-related plants, elevators, access control systems, lighting, and many more in a structured data lake. The main goal is to provide a one-stop solution for energy and cost-efficient system operation with high effectiveness (in terms of need fulfillment, e.g., thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and other generic energy services). The leading use case of the .io cloud-platform is to connect to a local plant, discover, collect, and store all available data, apply analytic algorithms to uncover optimization potential, and use controls to optimize local plants' operation based on these insights. Additionally, there are applications in utilities, such as district heating and cooling grids.

Figure 1: overview of the platform

We introduce the main ingredients of the cloud-platform in the following, using the schematic overview of the ecosystem illustrated above.

The .io cloud-platform (middle) provides data filing and processing, AI & domain specific analytics, control functionalities & algorithms, data management and structuring, role-based user and access management, as well as other features, all dedicated to the operation and optimization of energy systems.

The optional Edge Device provides plug-and-play connectivity to building automation and control systems (left) and to automation systems of energy-related plants, such as e.g., larger scale combined heat and power plants, air handling units, heat pumps, etc.

The frontend is a browser-based human machine interface (HMI). It offers data visualization, data management, platform administration and provides access to various further features.

.io's application programming interfaces (right) offer access to all major platform features and functionalities. You can operate the platform directly over the API or connect your own programs and scripts to it.

.io integrates various third-party data sources such as weather predictions or Microsoft Exchange, it connects to third-party platforms and cloud services, such as Cumulocity, and can be integrated into third-party applications, such as Microsoft Excel. Moreover, chat bots for external messaging systems like Telegram, Teams, or Slack can serve as output channels for .io's alarming system.


In order to bundle the added value of aedifion's products even better, we have tailored our products to different use cases in special product bundles.

Optimization Bundle

Our bundle of

With this bundle, we support the collection and structuring of building data, the analysis of this data and the implementation of recommendations for action, and even the predictive control of building operations from the cloud. All with the aim of making your building more efficient and reducing your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Contact us for more information or visit our homepage.

Sustainability Bundle

With the Sustainability Bundle, we expand the scope of services of our Optimization Bundle with specifically tailored service components. With our listing as "Anerkannte Dienstleistung", we can guarantee bronze certification in the system for Buildings in use of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Contact us for more information or visit our homepage.

Energy Bundle

Our Energy Bundle combines our software with selected service components to be used as energy management software within an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. With the Energy Bundle we are listed at the Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) as eligible energy management software.

Contact us for more information or visit our homepage.

Further Products

Beyond the native features of the platform outlined above, aedifion is building the following further products that all use as their base technology. features deep analytics for technical equipment within your plant. It focuses on the calculation of key performance indicators for components within local plants and the derivation of recommendations for action.

aedifion.controls provides a framework of basic control functionalities that are a prerequisite for modern controls as well as predefined control algorithms, such as optimization for air handling unit operations or Microsoft Exchange augmented room controls.

engineering includes services and consulting around our products. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Last update: 2022-10-28
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