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Data Inspector

This section offers a short overview of the functionalities available in the Data Inspector.

Data exploration and data management

The frontend visualizes historical data and real time data using line plots.

Figure 1: Line plotting of several datapoints, legend of datapoints below

Tagging and filtering functionality

Beside a plain text datapoint search, filtering datapoints via user-favorites, writability, and tags is provided. AI-classification tags, user-added tags and automation system protocol-tags are used.

Figure 2: Datapoint list filtered by user-favorites, adding filter for tag units:degreeCelsius

Access the tags of each datapoint and add user-generated ones by the menu-symbol next to the datapoint's name.

Figure 3: Adding the user-generated tag location:2nd floor to a datapoint

Setpoint writing

Write setpoints to the automation system via the platform within pre-defined limits and priority. View the history of all written setpoints.

Figure 4: Write and release setpoints of a specific datapoint and view the history of written setpoints

Last update: 2022-03-22
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