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Energy & CO2

This page provides an overview of the Energy & CO2 page.


The Energy & CO2 page enables benchmarking of the buildings against other own buildings on the aedifion platform. The buildings are listed there in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This makes it possible to quickly identify whether or not a building is one of the most energy- or CO2-intensive buildings in the portfolio. The performance of the buildings is also rated on a color scale. Further information on energy consumption and CO2 emissions is displayed by hovering over the building card.

All data taken into account relates to the last 12 months. Therefore, all meter values for the last 12 months must be entered for accurate benchmarking.

In addition, the annual average of the CO2 intensity and energy intensity of the portfolio is also shown above the plotting.

Figure 1: Energy and CO2 benchmarking within the own portfolio

Last update: 2023-12-12
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