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Overview of aedifion's user guide and available tutorials. The available tutorials cover the usage of the different pages of the aedifion frontend.

Portfolio-based pages

aedifion provides information about the portfolio registered on the platform. This includes an overview of the portfolio, a reporting page with consumption information and a page with an energy and CO2 benchmark.


An overview of the Overview-view.

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An overview of the Reporting page.

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Energy & CO2

An overview of the Energy & CO2 page.

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Building-based pages

aedifion provides building-based evaluations for all buildings registered on the aedifion platform. These are described below.

Asset overview

An overview of the Asset overview page. This includes:


This section includes several tutorials on the Optimization page. Among other things, it covers creating components and editing existing components. The tutorials provided include:

AI Controls

An overview of the AI Controls page.

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Status & Alerts

An overview of the Status & Alerts.

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An overview and documentation of the Meter page.

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An overview of the features of the Datapoints page. This includes:


An overview of the platform's user management. This includes:

Edit User Information

A guide on editing user information.

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The Powertools is an experimental python program for operators to set-up, organize and elevate their aedifion project.

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Last update: 2024-05-28
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