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Under Home you will find the start page and thus access to all your projects. With the help of the search and click on "Go to Project" you can directly access an object.

Figure 1: Overview of available projekts


With the help of the icons and descriptions you get a quick overview of the state of the projekt. Hover over the icons to get more information.


The bell symbolizes alarms. The green signal color is displayed when there are no alarms. Yellow is displayed when alarms have already been processed. Red indicates open alarms. Click on the bell to get to the Status & Alerts page.


The heart symbolizes Wellbeing and therefore the satisfaction of the users of the building. Go to the Asset overview for more information. Click on the heart to get to the Asset overview.


The clouds symbolize the CO2-emissions. You can find more information in the Asset overview. Click on the heart to get to the Asset overview.

Last update: 2023-05-17
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