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Create and map new components

Component models are used to create digital twins of the technical building equipment. These are templates that represent the correlation between datapoints and metadata of the technical building equipment. We refer to the mapping of datapoints and metadata as mapping. More information about the available component models can be found in our component overview.

Step 1 - Create a component

Figure 1: Overview of available components

To create a new component:

  1. Click on "+ NEW"
  2. Select the desired component
  3. Assign a name
  4. Click on "Save"

Step 2 - Map datapoints

Figure 2: Mapping-view

On the left side you can see the datapoint list of the project. On the right side you can see the so-called pins of the component, which can be populated with the matching datapoints from the list. Thus, pins serve as placeholders. You can get an overview of which datapoints and their corresponding pins are required for the specific analyses.

To map datapoints:

  1. Enter component name in the search bar
  2. Click on the three menu items of the desired component
  3. Click on "Edit datapoints"
  4. Select a pin by clicking on it

Datapoints that might match the pin will be suggested to you by our AI. Click on the pin to get these suggestions. Detailed information about the properties that datapoints should meet for specific pins can be found in the component library aufgelistet.

  1. Click on a datapoint and it will be visualized in the defined period. Here you can check whether the datapoint provides the necessary values. For a comparison with already mapped datapoints, click on the datapoints stored on the pins
  2. By selecting the datapoint, you can drag it to the pin and release it (drag & drop). The datapoint is now linked to the pin. No further saving of the changes is required.
  3. Click on "close"
  4. If the product .analytics is booked and all necessary pins of an analysis are filled, the analysis will be activated and executed automatically on the next monday.
  5. First results of the analyses will be available on the first Monday after sufficient mapping.

Last update: 2023-08-03
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