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A user guide on how to use .analytics via the frontend of the cloud platform.

Please note, displaying videos is currently not available via the Safari web browser. Please use web browsers like Edge or Chrome instead.


The frontend of the cloud platform provides an intuitive, clear, and fast solution for the .analytics workflow. This workflow contains the following steps:

  • Instancing components of your energy system.
  • Mapping datapoints to instanced components.
  • Configure component attributes and analysis functions.
  • Get and explore analytics results.

This page offers a user guide for the .analytics workflow. Each step is visualized in a video, and clarified by an example.

See below for the individual steps of the .analytics workflow.

Instancing components

This video shows how to create and name a component for a project.

Mapping datapoints

This video shows how to map datapoints to a created component.

Configuring attributes and analysis functions

This video shows how to write attributes and configure analysis functions to a created component.

Exploring analytics results

This video shows how to explore the results of executed analysis functions.

Last update: 2020-12-16